Maputo Bullring

I took this set of pictures with my 120 CFN Holga In Maputo, Mozambique.  We went to go look at an old Portuguese bullring in a seedy suburban part of Maputo. The arena was surrounded by squatter camps, junk and mechanics who worked on broken down cars and taxi’s. There was a small doorway leading to inside the arena and three young guys offered to show us around. It did seem a bit dodgy, and the warning signals were going off in my head that it all might lead to a trap but then I insisted to myself that I was being overly sensitive and a typical tourist, ( I also figured the pictures I could take would lead to bragging rights) so we just went with it and proceeded inside. After walking around, taking pictures and being led by our friendly new tour guides, we returned to find that the door was locked shut. It was a trap after all. They demanded money (even though, ironically I had money ready in my hand to tip them) or else they wouldn’t let us free. They let us out after we parted with about the equivalent of R100. In retrospect it could have been much worse.

The set are double exposures and are a combination of the bullring, the squatter camp behind the bullring and downtown Maputo.


2 thoughts on “Maputo Bullring

  1. I would love to have seen a portrait of your extorsioners…. (is there such a word?) together with the architecture – Im sure they were not to open to that idea anywhay… Great pics !

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