Some Black and White

Oi – since its all been abt colour – here’s some B&W stuffs…. Taken on 50mm F90 Nikon – 100 – 400 ASA ilford (I shot about 3 rolls this day). the 400 is pretty grainy and I tried to crush some blacks to give is more contrast which added more “texture” –

The scans are prettu low DPI something like 300 I think and the exports are tiny – but considering the format i.e. online, I dont think it matters ALL that much.

Dave your camera shoots Pretty Guy!


8 thoughts on “Some Black and White

  1. So the last two pics where form a wrestling match I went to watch – I think in Krugersdorp – wolf was also there – same vibe though – ASA 400 film Ilford pushed to 800 or 1600 (cant remember exactly) – F90 with 50mm lens at 1.4

      • done and done bru! thanks for coming to the screening BTW – also your feedback was great – the problem is that we dont have those scenes – Like they dont exsist bru….laaik never. anyway – love THIS idea – wanna see more stuff by everyone!

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