My friend has cool friends

We met this guy by chance and accident and he showed us around his house and two studios. He wore a necklace made of pool balls, and spoke from an altar when he told us about the history of clay sculptures in South Africa.

Rainbow light from a crystal hanging at his front door that was catching the last rays of sunlight. He was holding a magnification sheet in front of his face.

Madness in the kitchen

He collected bets for the Portugal/Spain game and lost but his ability to get everyone to hand over R100 was incredible.

She is listening to someone flirting with her and transcending them

People who inject oranges with vodka should’t throw bones

My God this woman is cool.

I told you she was mysterious.

I really like how close these two are in the chaos.

He should be in a Gus Van Sant movie.

Two people looking over our 6th floor balcony.

Sounds like an infamous Australian Outlaw.


4 thoughts on “My friend has cool friends

  1. Another question: what does a “little on the weather” mean? I’m assuming what you meant to say was “are you boys a little UNDER the weather”. We were already back in Johannesburg when I posted these. Please clarify.

    I’m thinking about why you posed such a question.


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