Movement to the streets


barbarie2 barbarie3 barbarie4 barbarie5 barbarie9 barbarie13 barbarie14 barbarie15  barbarie19 barbarie20   barbarie23  barbarie25  barbarie28


One thought on “Movement to the streets

  1. Hello Gents, take any pictures recently? Even though these pictures were taken at a party, this is declaration of the beginning of a journey of street photography in Paris for me. Hopefully I’ll capture moments that take place round any given corner at any given time, it boils down to courage and timing. Timing for obvious reasons, but courage to take the picture I want despite the consequences, those being French muttering and swear words that I will pretend not to understand. But most importantly I’m trying to develop my my skills into something different from what you’ve seen from me in the past. I will be trying to capture moments of beautiful chaos in the streets, preferably people/bypassers and try reveal something about them or their surroundings.

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