Remixing your work

Reflections in the bath and the city Thomas Double Underwater DE

So we loved the True Detective title sequence right? So I have decided to play with some of our images . . .


One thought on “Remixing your work

  1. Ola Trev,

    This is great! Great title sequence too. I’ve been doing something similar recently here in Spain. I’m influenced by the aesthetic of the landscape, architecture and so on. There’s something about the colouring of the rock, walls, the different textures of the surfaces and the shadow-play of the wires, cables, palm trees and other buildings on other surfaces. I like playing with 2/3D of it all. You can see what I’ve come up with so far here:
    I’m not sure if you remember one time at your farm, but i got a little high and went for a walk in the bush. You laughed at me cause i took plenty of pics of rocks, trees etc – guess this is what I was trying to achieve 😉

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